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Pain Questions

Ok...Pain is a personal thing I know...but I seem to be consummed at the moment about my pain. Dead Would love to hear what  you do for your pain?....What do you do for your stiffness?..... I take a vicodin 750 AM and a Ibprofin 800 Afternoon, then I finish the day with another Vicodin 750.  I am hoping when I start plaq (as soon as i get my eye exam) I can maybe not do so much pain meds. I certainly can NOT do with out it yet. I am 44 years old and cannot go another 40yrs + without controlling my pain. Confused Also, does everyone get a remmission? or is it just controlled by treatments?...I am trying to sort this all out. Thanks for listening to my ..CryYou might consider taking smaller doses of ibuprofen more frequently.  Its half-life is only about 2 hours.  In addition, 800mg all at once can hammer the stomach pretty hard.

If you have as good of luck as I did with Plaq you may not need anything other than an Ansaid.  When I took it, I went into remission for a very long time. Eventually had to quit taking it because of those wonderful two words (side effects) but I stayed in remission long after stopping.  I take Ultracet for my pain now--it is neverending without it.  It is a mix between Ultram and Tylenol.  It doesnt take the pain away totally but it takes the edge off of it--couldnt live without it right now

IO- I'm pretty lucky to be in a medicine induced remission right now and have been for about 8 months. I still have aches but for the most part only during activity or after periods of inactivity.  Nothing I can't handle.  It took me 3 months to get the meds right and the first 2 months were filled with tortureous pain that even oxycontin did not take away - only took the edge off.
During that period I used lots of icy hot, took lots of hot showers, used a parafin hand treatment thingy, used a foot massage bath basin,  ran my hands under hot water a lot, wrapped my joints with ace bandages, wrapped my joints with things you can heat up in the microwave, wrapped my joints in thermacare products and cried a lot.
This too shall pass and I hope it does so very quickly for you! Best of luck!
I take vicodin for pain and also relafen helps with the stiffness and swelling. The vicodin has helped to mask the pain for a little while. I also use a heating pad, microwave neck thingy, volteran gel works wonderful (ask your dr it's prescription), also have used lots of icy/hot creme, ace bandages, rest and prayer.In addition, make sure you are getting adequate sleep at night.  If you're not, talk to your doctor about using a sleeping pill for a few weeks, until the plaquenil starts working.  If the pain is constant, talk to the doctor about an extended-release analgesic.  Extended-release tramadol might be a better choice than a single vicodin in the morning and evening - you need to get on top of the pain and keep it suppressed.

Fish oil works great for me to reduce pain and inflammation; I take 3000mg omega-3's per day (that's equivalent to 10 regular fish oil capsules, which contain about 300mg of omega-3's each).
Yes- JR jogged my memory. I hadn't slept in 2 weeks and once I got on a sleeping pill and had a few nights rest the pain level went down too.Vicodin, vicodin, vicodin...but only when you're hurting!  I can't get anything else to work for me when I'm hurting but I take it easy on the vicodin so I don't become dependent on it.  I haven't had RA long enough to go into a remission, but the Enbrel is working quite well for me so far.  Best of luck!Just on my way to bed and thought of another suggestion since I just used it. Icy Hot has a new product called Medicated Lotion PM. It says pain relief so you can sleep and helps with morning stiffness.
It really does! Before bed I use it on my knees and I rub it into my hands like hand lotion.
Sometimes I need it on my shoulders but that's a little bit of a problem because I always sleep with a ceiling fan on and it makes me feel chilled if I don't stay completely under the covers...
If my shoulder is bothering me at night, I'll use an Icy Hot patch.  It stays put and isn't as "chilling" with a breeze as plain old icy hot.  Plus it's easier to slap a patch on than it is to try to turn my arms around and put the icy hot on my shoulders and neck. that voltaren gel my dr gave me is great, it doesn't smell and leave your skin greasy. I use it up to 4 times a day.. all over my knee, hip, hands, neck, and fingers. Love it!I agree w/ Jas and wantto... get sleep!  use your meds more effectively... by using an NSAID on a regular schedule... and try to save the vicodin for bad flare pain..  I didn't use anything but NSAID for pain... but sleep is one thing that REALLY helps....
I am so stupid!!  I knew nothing about the lotions and patches you talk about!!  duh!! I could really use them for the two body parts you mentioned.. my hands.. and my shoulder.. I'll be picking them up today!!  THANKS!!
I must be in  bad flair. Thanks everyone. I will ask about lotions and potions and such. Sleep is a true escape, But waking up (for now) seems almost hellish.
Thank you all.
I think I'll try fish oil also. I like the way "oil" sounds...wish I could apply it directly on my joints like the tin man... [QUOTE=inflamedOnline]I think I'll try fish oil also. I like the way "oil" sounds...wish I could apply it directly on my joints like the tin man...[/QUOTE]

Run it by your doctor first - at high doses (low doses won't do anything for RA pain/inflammation) it is a potent medicine, not without adverse reactions.Wink
Is there a reason you only take 800 mg ibuprofen a day?  The therapeutic dose is 800 mg every 8 hours.  If you can take more, it would probably help a little.  When I'm flaring, I also take my Lortab on a schedule.  If you can stay ahead of the pain, you'll be better off. I will ask about the Ibuprofin schedule. My best guess is it hurts my stomach. Middle day seams I have more food in my stomach easier to handle.
I will not take fish oil until I ask my Doc. Although I have some in the cupboard.  I wonder what type of dose is reccomended? I like the sound of "oil".... wish I could apply it directly...lol
Thanks to EVERYONE.
You might want to ask your RD about some prednisone.  It takes quite a while for Plaquenil to reach full effectiveness.
When I had my one and only first awful flare (could't move AT ALL, without crying with pain, for one day, when it reached the worst), i was immediately put on prednisone, 10 mg, and the next day it was waaay better. I took the Pred only for about three weeks, then I stopped, had pains but gradually I improved (due to MTX). Now, I am painfree all the time. it took about 2 months for the MTX to work. Giving up Pred was tough, but if i went on taking it i'm sure i would't have noticed how well the MTX worked.
That's my story.
Good luck and hope you get rid of pain soon!
miruna2008-10-28 11:58:07I was taking Ibuprophen or Motrin and my Rheumy put me on Mobic.  It lasts all day and only needs to be taken once a day. Prevacid to help with stomach with the NSAID.  I also take the fish oil and Darvocet after a hard day of work when I'm really sore.

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