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What does RA look like

Hi again evereyone

Well, what does RA look like? i'm still trying to figure out if I have it, or a reaction to a quinolone antibiotic. Or perhaps both.

I had 2 doctors look at the enlarged knuckle bones, but could not see fluid build up. And both said its not arthritis.  The third diagnosed me with inflammatory arthtits, without much research or questions.  What I want is a good doctor! Or help form you nice people...

Hi Tam,
When I was diagnosed with RA, I had a blood test that confirmed it.  My first appt with the RD saw the inflammation in my knuckle joint on my thumb.  It is still protruding, but the flare up went away with cortisone injections.  I also have OA, which is definitely in the knuckles on both hands closest to the fingertips. They are enlarged and ugly.  But, I think (and hope some of you correct me if I'm wrong) that RA attacked the second joints (closest to the hand) and the knuckles of the hands.  I also had it in my feet so badly that I could hardly put on shoes.  The prednisone was the first treatment and it helped tremendously with the swelling.  I'm sure others can help you better than I.... as I am still wondering what else this disease is going to do to me

Yes, RA typically affects the joints closer to the hands and feet.  RA pain and swelling is usually symmetrical as well, meaning if your right index finger is swollen, so is your left!  I have pain in my fingers, wrists, knees, hips, ankles and toes.  Some days my fingers look like sausages!

My eyes also flare with what they call uveitis.  I've also been having chronic diarrhea.  Now the doctors are wondering if I have crohns instead of RA.

I'm sorry Tam...refresh my memory...are you having any other symptoms besides the swollen knuckle.

To be honost, the truth is that for many of us, RA doesnt look like anything. Alot of us dont look like there is anything wrong with us. We just feel poopy. It is such a lovely disease isnt it?

Thanks guys, i'd really like to identify this.. The knuckles and wrist bone are all enlarged and different looking, but they never seem to SEE any swelling/fluid on observation, just the enlargement of bones

. Occasional achilles heel pain and shoulder and elbow. These can also be attributed to a reaction to quinolone antibiotics over long term. I don't get morning stiffness. I do get tired some days but not all.

Thanks again for expressing your opinions and thoughts.




Did they send you for x-rays or bone scans?  Most of us had blood tests and x-rays to start. With RA, the knuckles get big and swollen, and my never go completely down ( I have lumps around the joints.)  Even if your blood test does not show elevated RA factor, you could still have it, or it could be Fibromyalgia, which sometimes goes hand in hand with RA.  Just ask your dr. to run a bloodtest to check for RA.

Yes, the bone scan was clear... But i feel lumpy. This is weird and I want answers, but it seems like RA hey.... I guess I'm depressed as I have already had my colon removed and have problems with that, i'm 31 and will be too ashamed to wear my partners engaegement ring soon :(

Tam, I agree that you shouldn't quit asking questions. Have they checked you for Paget's. I believe it shows up on xrays. But they also can do a simple blood test.

Has your doctor just quit looking for an answer? If so, then ask why? If you don't like the answer, then find another doctor. Sometimes doctors get negative test results and "forget" you still have an unsolved problem.

Keep pushing.


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